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Why You Should Start Making Your Own Baby Food

making your own baby foodWhy should you make your own baby food?. As a mom, my belief is, once you become a mom, your mission is to start eating the way you would like to see your child eat when he/she grows up and I mean healthy eating lifestyle. Knowing for a fact that every mom wants to raise a healthy child, not every mom put’s in the effort to feed their child with healthy nutritious foods. For some mothers, it may be that they grew up eating fast foods and never had the chance to enjoy good and healthy home cooked foods or they are just point blank too lazy to stand on their feet, cook a meal and clean up afterward .

As a first time mom or any mom new to the whole weaning thing, my best advice to you is to understand that for your baby, good nutrition in infancy and early childhood is key to ensuring optimal growth and development, as well as better health outcomes later in life.

Nutritional value :

Making your own baby food is easier than you think. Although there are a few “healthy” pre-made baby food options out there, bear in mind, commercial baby foods are often cooked at very high temperatures in order to kill bacteria (a process called sterilisation) which also kills most nutrients and vitamins. This is why a jar of baby food can sit on a self for several months . So by making your own baby food, you can prepare meals packed with vitamins and nutrients to help boost the immune system of your child.

Plan and save time and money :

Before you go food shopping, you must plan meals for yourself that incorporates some of the foods your baby can eat. For example, if you plan on having rice with some sauce and avocado salad, you can pick up an extra avocado and mash it up, thin it out with some milk if necessary and you can feed this to a 6-8 months old baby. You can also prepare your sauce in a way your baby can enjoy it too. Ones you learn what meals your baby likes, you can make those meals in bulk and free them to save money. Check out my Bolognese with pasta recipe to feed you and your baby.

Be in control :

Another reason why you should start making your own baby food is, it puts you in charge of choosing your own fruits and vegetables, trying variety of textures and consistency  to prepare for your baby, instead of relying on what commercial baby food manufacturers have to offer. When it comes to flavour, I believe we all know that home cooked meals taste  always best. You can add herbs like basil or spices like cinnamon to the meals and see if your baby likes it.

making your own baby foodHave your shinning moment :

Making your own baby food help you keep track of what exactly you are feeding your child, which will make it easy for you to see if your child has any problem eg. food allergies . It also makes you feel proud of being a mom, at least for me and you can have your perfect parenting moment when you feed your homemade baby food to your baby.

I hope you find my personal tips on why you should make your own baby food helpful.Try my 3 homemade green peas recipe here.  I wish you all the best with your weaning journey and if you have any questions , don’t hesitate to ask by sending me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for reading my post.

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