Easy Gingerbread House Process

gingerbread house process

Making Gingerbread houses weeks leading to Christmas is one of those festive activities that my children and I look forward to every year. Although building these gingerbread houses has become a tradition, meaning it is done every year around Christmas, it has become more exciting as my kids get older. In previous years, we built […]

The Best Lentils Recipe That Even Children Love

best lentils recipe

I call this the Best Lentils Recipe because it is packed with flavour. If am being honest, personally am not a huge fan of eating lentils because just like beans, they make you gassy and I don’t like that feeling but I do eat it every now and then. Although soaking the lentils before cooking […]

A New Family Favourite Potato Dessert Dish

potato dessert dish

For this blog post, am sharing this New Family Favourite Potato Dessert Dish that I feel like the rest of the World must know about. Especially for my fellow moms out there, this is a great dessert dish because it falls under the not too sweet kind of desserts, which to me is perfect for […]

3 Oatmeal Breakfast Ideas For Babies You Must Try (8 months up)

3 oatmeal breakfast ideas for babies you must try

In this post am sharing with you my 3 Oatmeal Breakfast Ideas for Babies  you must try for 8 months and above. Did you know that Oats are among the healthiest grains on Earth. They are a great source of important Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber and Antioxidants. Half a cup of oat contains magnesium, phosphorus, copper, […]

Why You Should Start Making Your Own Baby Food

Why should you make your own baby food?. As a mom, my belief is, once you become a mom, your mission is to start eating the way you would like to see your child eat when he/she grows up and I mean healthy eating lifestyle. Knowing for a fact that every mom wants to raise […]

How to make a Spaghetti Bolognese recipe for you and your baby

Everybody loves spaghetti , at least I know I do and so does my children. When you go to the supermarket and check on the baby food section, you will find spaghetti bolognese for 6 months old and above . So if you are one of those mom’s that your baby love’s spaghetti bolognese but […]

How to Introduce your Baby to Solid foods

If you are reading this blog post today, then chances are you are looking for answers concerning weaning (starting your baby on solid foods). If that is the case ,then here is my personal experience . After years of experience as a mom, I can proudly say, introducing your baby to solid foods is a […]