How To Make Good Stock At Home Like A Pro

homemade stock

Stock, also called broth, is the base of all soups and gravies. Stock making involves simmering bones, meat, vegetables, fish or seafood with water and a few vegetables for long periods of time to bring out its hidden flour. The process of stock making takes a little bit of your time, plus some effort and […]

The Easiest Homemade Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe For Children

creamy tomato soup recipe

This creamy tomato soup recipe is one that both Kids and Grown Ups love. I know there are a ton of tomato soup recipes out there, some with roasted tomato, tomato soup with paprika and so on. Although  they all sound good, I personally am someone that likes simplicity. Especially when children are involved, just […]

How to make Leek & Potato Soup

simple leek and potato soup

Of all the winter soups that I make during the colder months, this leek and potato soup is by far my favourite and most comforting. The combination of leeks, which is in the onion family, plus the potato and celery, gives this soup a milky creamy taste that I really like. As if the soup […]

How To Cook The Best Lentils Bolognese

lentils bolognese vegan

This Lentils Bolognese recipe that is totally Vegan, meaning there is no meat used here is delicious. Not only is it perfect for those that are Vegan but also great if you are a mom or dad that is looking for ways to introduce beans ( lentils ) to your 10 months old and  above. […]

How To MakeThis Easy Fruit Cake Recipe

fruit cake recipe

In this blog post, am sharing My Easy Fruit Cake Recipe that I personally think every mother must have in her recipe book. It is moist, fruity, tasty and most importantly easy to make. So I don’t know about you but I prefer to feed my kids with desserts that I prepare myself , rather […]

Best Whole Wheat Bread Recipe For The Whole Family

whole wheat bread recipe

When I say this is the best whole wheat bread recipe for the whole family, believe me it is. If you are a whole wheat bread lover like myself, then you will not need any other whole wheat bread recipe after giving this bread a try. But before we start baking, I want to share […]

Mommy Tips To Help Your Child Eat Better

A child that is eating

In today’s post, am going to share with you my 10 mommy tips that I personally practice and know it works to help your child eat better starting this year, if you are not practicing already. Having a child that eats better is a process you have to build from an early age. As a […]

Healthy Pasta Dinner Recipe(baby friendly )

healthy pasta dinner recipe with broccoli pesto

As much as I enjoy cooking, I do like the process to be easy but healthy and this healthy pasta dinner recipe is my definition of quick but healthy. Using very few and easy to find ingredients, am sharing with you my broccoli pesto and pasta recipe. Before I dive into the recipe, I must […]

One Pot Potato Dinner (For Baby And You)

one pot potato dinner recipe

Whether you are making it for yourself or for you and your baby, this One Pot Potato Dinner is one that you will definitely grow to love. It is extremely easy to make, takes little to no time at all, less pots to wash since everything is cooked in one pot and you can easily […]

Potato Salad Recipe (for you and your baby)

my potato salad recipe served for mommy and baby

This Austrian inspired potato salad recipe for you and your baby is one that you will definitely be making more than ones a week. With no mayonnaise added, it is served with breaded chicken breast that has been fried. For the baby’s, we took a portion and added some broccoli and then pureed it all […]